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- Featured: Miscellaneous things like crafts, cosplays, etc.
- Group: Submit here any drawing of the Electric Mayhem, all together or just two of them minimum.
- Every character has his own folder for individual drawings.
- The Muppets: Space dedicated to the universe of The Muppets. But in order to submit there you have to take into account that there must be at least ONE character from the Electric Mayhem.
- Crossovers: Put here drawings that mix the group with another production that doesn't belong to Jim Henson Company. This does not include OCs as there's already a folder for that.
- Fanfiction: You can submit everything you want, but it has to follow DeviantArt's rules.
- Comic: This is the place for comic pages or strips.
- Stamps: I'll give you a clue to what this folder is for!
- Electric Mayhem with OCs: Like it says on the tin, this is exclusively for art depicting your own character/s with anyone in the Electric Mayhem. This includes self-inserts and personas too.
- Pairings: For any romantic ship you ship within the band. Don't matter if it's Janice/Floyd or Dr. Teeth/Lips, love is love man. Includes poly art too. Not including OC/Canon, see above for that.
- Collab: Every once in a while, we put up a themed collab project for any member to take part in! This is were you can submit your contributions!
- OCs Only: Title says it all. If you have made an OC specifically for the band, but only the OC, here's the folder for them. Art with OCs interacting with the band go in Electric Mayhem with OCs!
Hello everyone so with the unfornate news of Alice taking off DA. I will now be in charge of this fan club :) some of you already know me and some may not. My name is Kylie and I'm 20 and been a dedicated electric mayhem fan for as long as I think I can remember. My fav memeber would be (obviously lol by my icon) Janice and Floyd but I do love em all for different reasons. If anyone wants to get know me more you can follow me or message me on Instagram @starlightsunshines Twitter @IShipFloyanice Tumblr @kyliedollie Wattpad @jnfnmj (My pages with electric mayhem fanfics) I also have an electric mayhem fan page on tumblr @mydearjanice and Instagram @electricmayhemfanpageofficial so ya anyway moving on. I just to want hear from you guys and your input. What do you want me to do as leader? Where do we go from here? Would love some ideas

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AnutDraws Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016
The Stuffets by AnutDraws
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here's my contest entry for the contest!
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That's a link to this exact group. I don't see your contribution anywhere. Also, it's a collaboration, not a contest.
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Well, here is my fanart for the contest :meow:
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Thank you so for your entry! I will add it right now!
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Hatsune Miku-03 (Miku's Gift) 
Here's my contest entry! 
Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks) 
Vitruvian-girl Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! I will add it to the folder!
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yay thanks. Like the random cupcake I put on Animal's head?
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